Emergency Medicine Clerkship - NorthShore
2020-2021 academic year
EMED 84700 | 150 units
Course Type: Emergency Medicine

    Carter, Keme and Kukulski, Paul   
Primary Instructor:
    Carter, Keme 2-7751 kcarter@medicine.bsd.uchicago.edu  
    Kukulski, Paul MD 773-702-9500 Paul.Kukulski@uchospitals.edu  
    Tabitha Rosca    trosca@northshore.org   
    Debra Milton    dmilon@medicine.bsd.uchicago.edu   
Location on first day:
    Orientation in Hyde Park at University of Chicago in L-523
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This clerkship is a one-month rotation at Northshore. Students will have the opportunity to care for patients with a wide range of medical, surgical, and obstetrical/gynecological disorders. They will have a unique opportunity to assess the undifferentiated patient. The rotation will provide the students with experience in rapid patient assessment and the opportunity to simultaneously manage multiple patients. We will help the student master the prioritization of care for the individual patient and acquire triage principles required to care for multiple patients in the Emergency Department setting. Orientation will be held at the University of Chicago on the first day of the rotation and is mandatory, no exceptions. Students will take part in weekly simulation and didactic sessions and must attend all sessions to successfully complete the clerkship.


The emergency medicine clerkship is designed to give students experience in the management of patients with a wide variety of medical conditions, ranging in acuity from the ambulatory stable patient to the critically ill or injured patient. Students will apply clinical knowledge in conducting an appropriate history and physical examination, directed versus comprehensive, based on the patient’s presenting chief complaint.


Students will be evaluated by attending and resident physicians on their ability to perform a focused history and physical, develop appropriate differential diagnoses, propose appropriate diagnostic evaluation and treatment plans, assess and stabilize critically ill patients, and prioritize care for multiple patients. Students will take a final exam and complete a case presentation at the end of the clerkship.

Schedules Offered

This course is offered on a Monthly Basis during the following months:

This course is not offered on a Bi-weekly (two week) Basis, or no schedule has been set at this time

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Schedule Notes

Students are not to make any plans that involve multiple days off in a row during their Emergency Medicine Clerkship. Students should not take the Emergency Medicine Clerkship during residency interview months. Student schedules are chosen from a template and no schedule changes can be made to the template without prior approval from the clerkship director

For the duration of the rotation visiting students will need to provide their own transportation while rotating at NorthShore Hospital.

Course Eligibility and Prerequisites

Max enrollment



    Fourth year
    Visiting Student (from LCME Accredited Medical Schools Only)


    Consent of Instructor