Scholarship & Discovery: Global Public Health
2020-2021 academic year
MEDC 30009 | 50 units
Course Type: Elective - Non-clinical

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This course is intended to provide an overview of key issues in global public health. It will be taught as a seminar where students actively participate in discussions on topics and concepts drawn from the assigned readings. The emphasis will be on discussion and critical analysis, not didactic lectures. The readings will include articles that describe particular global health interventions or initiatives. Throughout the seminar, the focus will be on real-world problems currently facing the global health community. The seminar will focus on a particular topic each week and attempt to produce solutions to the case problem through discussion, analysis, and debate. Examples of past cases include determining whether bednets for malaria should be sold or distributed for free, deciding how to allocate scare resources among different disease priorities, and determining the optimal price to pay farmers for chickens culled for avian flu prevention. The goal of this problem-based approach is to have participants gain a sense of the tradeoffs in global health.

Topics to be discussed include public health infrastructure, mathematical epidemiology, malaria, HIV/AIDS, communicable disease control, human resources, public health financing, chronic illnesses, , epidemic management, poverty, vaccine policy, and ethical issues in global health.


1. To provide a basic understanding of common issues in global public health

2. To understand the common trade-offs that are made when determining solutions to common global health problems


Grading will be based on two parameters:

1. Level of engagement and in-class participation during the seminar

2. Attendance

Schedules Offered

This course is offered on a Quarterly Basis during the following quarters:
    Spring Quarter

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Schedule Notes

First class meets Friday, April 2nd

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