Scholarship & Discovery: Community Health
2020-2021 academic year
MEDC 30116 | 50 units
Course Type: Elective - Non-clinical

    Baig, Arshiya and Burnet, Deborah   
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    Morgan Ealey  773-834-2239   
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The community health elective provides a conceptual framework and introduction to specific methodologies for health professionals to engage with community members to effectively address the medical, social and structural determinants of health. It builds relationships across the university and into the community, while introducing approaches to community engaged scholarship and service, including asset based community development, community engaged participatory research, community oriented primary care, service learning, and advocacy.


Designed for medical students interested in the Scholarship and Discovery Community Health Track, participants in the Summer Service Partnership program from across the university, and interested others, we will:

1) Explore the role of social, societal and global environmental factors in producing health

2) Learn how doctors and other professionals can work with patients and communities to improve community health

3) Understand community health issues on the South Side of Chicago, with special attention to the priority topics defined through the UCM’s community health needs assessment: violence, sexual health, asthma, obesity, diabetes, cancer and access to care.

4) Meet academic and community leaders who work together to understand, address, and advocate for healthy solutions

5) Explore our own roles in building healthier communities—on the South Side, in the US, and in the world.

Coursework will consist of weekly readings, reflections, class participation, and community outreach. Recommended movies and multi-media resources will complement readings. We will explore the role of universities in partnering with communities, with weekly panels including speakers from the medical center, university and community organizations addressing priority health issues. We will visit a federally-qualified health center and other community organizations, and will attend a session of Community Grand Rounds. We will learn about various forms of community engaged scholarship, and students will work in teams to understand and educate classmates about a particular neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side as we consider community approaches to improving health.


Weekly reflections/journal
Class participation

Schedules Offered

This course is offered on a Quarterly Basis during the following quarters:
    Spring Quarter

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PM - - - 3:00 -5:00 - - -

Schedule Notes

This course is open to all first, second, and fourth year students regardless of track for scholarship and discovery, is recommended for all student leaders of community service groups, and is required for all students participating in the Summer Service Partnership

We will be in L316 from 3-5 pm every Wednesday

Class will begin March 31.

Course Eligibility and Prerequisites

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