Scholarship & Discovery: Medical Education
2020-2021 academic year
PEDS 30110 | 50 units
Course Type: Elective - Non-clinical

    Fromme, Barrett   
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    Farnan, Jeanne 0  
    Fromme, H Barrett 773-834-9043  
    Dr. H. Barrett Fromme  773-834-9043   
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    Comer ER - F1165
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This elective is designed to introduce key concepts in medical education to students interested in academic careers. The course will utilize Evidence-Based Education (EBE) to expand on the complexities of medical education and the varying roles and career opportunities for leaders in medical education. Starting with a foundation in the History of Medical Education, course participants will then be introduced to a sound basis in Learning Theory and Instructional Design/Teaching Skills. Emanating from that discussion we will then focus on methods and modalities for Learner Assessment. We will take our participants through a concrete approach to Curriculum Design and Evaluation, the bedrocks of medical education innovation. Throughout the course we will discuss venues for scholarship, as well as pointedly focus on varying Leadership opportunities and roles for academicians. The course will culminate in a final discussion of Hot Topics in Medical Education as chosen and presented by the course participants.


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
• Describe the key aspects of learning theory as applied to medical teaching
• Review medical education literature and summarize findings emphasizing areas for application
• List Kern’s six steps of curricular design
• Recognize evaluatory approaches and issues in curricular design
• Recognize various leadership opportunities in medical education


Course participants will be evaluated on two aspects:
1) Class participation, including but not limited to attendance, evidence of preparatory reading, and active participation in discussions
2) Course project – completion of a presentation on a current issue in medical education that includes a literature review, summary, and editorialized opinion

Each student is expected to attend the Pritzker Orientation (as applicable) as well as the Department of Pediatrics Orientation on their first day of service. In addition, each student will be required to meet with the Associate Clerkship Director halfway through their Sub-I/Elective experience - the student will be responsible for setting up and attending this meeting.

Near the end of the Sub-I/Elective experience, each student will be required to complete evaluations (i.e. on rotation, resident, faculty, etc.). Student evaluations will be distributed at the end of each experience to appropriate faculty and will be released upon completion.

Schedules Offered

This course is offered on a Quarterly Basis during the following quarters:
    Spring Quarter

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PM - - - 1:00 -2:30 - - -

Schedule Notes

Begins March 31st.

Course Eligibility and Prerequisites

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    First Year
    Second Year


    Pritzker Students Only