Scholars in Oncology-Associated Research (SOAR) Spring Seminar Series
2020-2021 academic year
RCON 33000 | 50 units
Course Type: Elective - Non-clinical

    Golden, Daniel   
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    Golden, Daniel 0  
    Pearson, Alexander  
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The Scholars in Oncology-Associated Research (SOAR) Spring Seminar Series is a component of the SOAR R25 cancer research education program sponsored by the National Cancer Institute (Grant #R25CA240134). The SOAR seminar series will expose students to principles of cancer research and clinical care through an interdisciplinary and interprofessional lens. The goal of this elective is to enhance learning opportunities in the summer research program by facilitating greater understanding of the basics underpinning interdisciplinary and interprofessional oncology. This seminar series will review a wide array of topics related to clinical oncology and cancer research from across the oncology care spectrum. Each week will consist of a general theme and two speakers. There are 10 weeks of seminars with a total of approximately 20 speakers.


1. Define disciplines of oncology clinical care and research

2. Describe domains of multidisciplinary oncology care and research

3. Describe types of oncology research (clinical, translational, basic)

4. List seminal publications in oncology research

5. Appreciate the multidisciplinary nature of oncology clinical care and research

6. Appreciate the interprofessional nature of oncology clinical care and research



Schedules Offered

This course is offered on a Quarterly Basis during the following quarters:
    Spring Quarter

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Schedule Notes

Students participating in NCI R25 SOAR-funded SRP projects are required to take this course.

Students not participating in the summer research component of SOAR are welcome to enroll in this course.

Course Eligibility and Prerequisites

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