Search results for first and second year medical students for academic year 2023-2024
 YearDeptNumberCourse Name
View 2023-2024 EMED 30400Introduction to Emergency Medicine
View 2023-2024 MEDC 30009Scholarship & Discovery: Global Public Health
View 2023-2024 MEDC 30114Scholarship and Discovery: Health Care Improvement Sciences
View 2023-2024 MEDC 30116Scholarship & Discovery: Community Health
View 2023-2024 MEDC 30119S&D Elective: Improving Scientific Communication and Addressing Misinformation
View 2023-2024 MEDC 30299Foundations in Clinical Medicine
View 2023-2024 MEDC 34000Scholars in Oncology-Associated Research (SOAR) Spring Seminar Series
View 2023-2024 PEDS 30110Scholarship & Discovery: Medical Education
View 2023-2024 PSCR 35000Clinical Neurosciences
View 2023-2024 RADI 30500Essentials of Medical Imaging